Tenga Egg Massage

Do you think that a procedure such as an erotic massage is already so pleasant that it can’t be improved further? Then wait until you try a tenga egg massage. This Japanese sex toy will take your enjoyment to a whole new level. Waste no time and book it as an extra service right now!

Price is 500 Czk extra

Every Massage Can Turn Into a Tenga Egg Massage

Using of tenga eggs is not limited to a specific procedure, each of the massages we offer can be accompanied by this simple, yet very pleasing sex toy. Therefore, if you feel that your massage could use a bit more flavour, just add it to your “cart” and you’re good to go! There’s not a massage that would not benefit from such an addition. 

 But we might get ahead of ourselves – some customers often don’t even know what tenga eggs are. If you do, then feel free to skip the next paragraph, otherwise, keep reading!

What is a Tenga Egg

Tenga egg is a single-use, disposable sex toy in the shape of an egg made from a very elastic silicone material, whose purpose is to maximize the pleasure you get from masturbation.

 Despite its small appearance, it can comfortably cover the entire penis of any size. Tenga egg is very pleasant to the touch, with a textured surface covering the inside (the texture can differ according to the tenga egg-type), which help make the masturbation feel much more sensual. 

A lubricant gel for an even smoother experience is also part of the individual egg. 

Despite its undeniable benefits, tenga eggs are often overlooked when it comes to sex toys. At our parlour, we are doing our best to remedy this situation and help spread awareness of this wonderful toy as much as possible. And what better way to do it than to actively use it during our massages, isn’t that right?

Which Massages Can You Enjoy These Tenga Eggs With?

Within our massage offer, there is something for everyone. Pick your main procedure from the following list.

Tantric Mix Massage

Lingam Massage

Body to Body Massage

Body to body Massage
The masseuse uses different techniques of body sliding during this massage. You are going to enjoy a new limit of desire when the soft wet body of beautiful naked masseuse is sliding across yours
Tantric mix massage
Massage which includes techniques from three different massage types, sensual relaxation, body 2 body and gentle lingam (penis) massage.
Nuru Massage
A body-to-body technique with a lubricating nuru gel that will allow you to focus on delightful feelings and relax greatly.
Lingam Massage (penis)
The masseuse focuses on the penis and surrounding intimate areas. Postponing climax to increase massage intensity. Presenting new experience with extraordinary techniques
Hotel massage in Prague
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Other Extra Services To Look Out For

Tenga eggs are not the only weapon in our arsenal of pleasure that can accompany your chosen massage. We can also offer the following besides that:

Prostate massage

Stimulation of the male g-spot is often an overlooked erotic technique, which is a great shame, as it brings not only extreme pleasure but also great benefits in terms of prostate health. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get a professionally performed prostate massage and make it a part of your massage experience in our parlour.

French kissing

If you want things to get much more sexy and intimate, then add passionate french kissing to the mix and you can't go wrong.


The beautiful feet of your masseuses are no less nimble than their skilled hands. If you count yourselves among the feet fetishists, then you're in luck. This service will accommodate your desires to the full.
Are you currently unable to visit our parlour directly? Do not despair, we have a home or hotel room outcall service running nonstop, throughout the whole of Prague. Choose your masseuse, massage and extra service and have the whole package delivered to your place!

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