couple massage in prague

Couple Massage

  • Choose one or two masseuses
  • Massage together or in separate rooms
  • Shower together (optional)
  • Sensual erotic massage and body to body massage
  • Touching is allowed
  • Climax



1 Girl
2 Girls
60 min
4500 CZK
196 EUR
90 min
5500 CZK
240 EUR
Book online +420 773 667 250

Conduct Sexual Experiments with Awesome Couple Massage.

We may offer you couple massage in several different ways. You may order 1 or 2 therapists (we recommend to order 2 massage therapists).You may experience massage in the same room or separately in two different rooms. At the end our therapist can make you to get orgasm or they can leave and let you finish on your own.In second way they also can stay , but please note that girls do not offer sexual services .

It is a great opportunity to:

  1. double your satisfaction by involving the best ancient techniques and modern approaches
  2. discover your erogenous zones
  3. learn new secrets of love with experienced masseuses

Why should you order a Couple of massage Prague.

If you and your partner are open to new experiments. It will help brighten your routine intimate life and study your own body better. Couple massage in Prague offers you getting one of the possible roles. You can be a passive participant and tell the masseuse what she has to do to your partner. Such games will keep both of you interested and horny. You can be an active participant also. In the same way help the masseuse satisfy your partner by tender touching across the whole body.

Or you may occupy a central place of couple massage and experience new emotions side by side with your girl. The provided burst of energy will set an unforgettable impression on you. To warm up the atmosphere and get rid of possible shyness, you can start couple massage in Prague by taking a shower.

Do not be shy to ask beautiful girls for additional information while visiting our salon. Finally, pay attention that you can end up on your own or let masseuses deliver you several climaxes but without sexual penetration.

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