Happy ending massage

When the regular thing is simply not enough, well then, it may be time to get a happy ending massage. Once you’ve decided it’s time to get one, the doors of our parlour are wide open for you…

An incredible variety of erotic massages to choose from

Beautiful therapists to tend to you

Pleasurable bonus services to spice things up

Four-hand treatment option

Escort option – get massaged at your place

Happy ending parlour with happy hours discounts

More than just bodily relaxation – our services go further than that. Discover the pleasures only an erotic rubdown can give!

A happy ending massage is a gift that keeps on giving

Everyone knows what a massage is, right? But a happy ending service is a bit different than what you might expect elsewhere. Our philosophy is that caring to the body means caring to the whole body. Yes, the intimate zones included. 

The cumulative benefits of this treatment far exceed what any ordinary massage can give. Incorporating erotic pleasure to you treatment will make the whole thing nor just much more enjoyable, but effective as well.

Don’t be surprised if you:

  • Feel extreme relief in your muscles and joints
  • Feel extremely elated, happy and stress-free
  • Suddenly sleep better and deeper
  • Sense a surge in your libido
  • Get more energized
  • Learn more about your own erotic potential
  • Find yourselves feeling healthier

That, and much more, is what our rubdowns can deliver. Feeling more hyped about it yet?

Treat yourselves to a happy ending in Prague! We have it all

There are many kinds of delight available to you at our place. Ranging from the more conservative to the most exotic treatments, ours is a truly multifaceted offer. You should consider getting one of the following massages:
If this is your first erotic massage ever and you don’t feel like rushing headlong into the unknown territory, the classical option is the one devised precisely for this occasion. That is not to say that experienced pleasure seekers won’t enjoy it as well. A standard Swedish-style massage you might be familiar with, but with an erotic twist – what is not to like?
Check it yourself…

Devised solely to pleasure the penis and erogenous zones, lingam has all the erotic benefits of the tantra, while being shorter and more concise.

Sensual and exciting, this treatment features an intimate body to body experience similar to a nuru massage, but with a few twists of its own.

There’s too much to unpack when talking about this brilliant treatment, we don’t even know where to begin. Shall we praise its physical merits and the way it skilfully delivers pleasure to the whole body via a wide range of techniques? Or should we rather point out its calming, soothing, meditative and loving aspect that will touch your very soul? We’ll leave the deciding to you.
Check it yourself…

Slippery, body to body Japanese treatment, said to be one of the most erotically exciting treatments ever. By choosing nuru, you can never go wrong.

Embark on a sensual adventure together with your partner. Our masseuse will cater to you both with delight.
Check it yourself…
There’s no way one of our services won’t be just right for you. Even so, we can still tailor a massage using different techniques to suit your tastes and preferences! Come try!
Body to body Massage
The masseuse uses different techniques of body sliding during this massage. You are going to enjoy a new limit of desire when the soft wet body of beautiful naked masseuse is sliding across yours
Tantric mix massage
Massage which includes techniques from three different massage types, sensual relaxation, body 2 body and gentle lingam (penis) massage.
Nuru Massage
A body-to-body technique with a lubricating nuru gel that will allow you to focus on delightful feelings and relax greatly.
Lingam Massage (penis)
The masseuse focuses on the penis and surrounding intimate areas. Postponing climax to increase massage intensity. Presenting new experience with extraordinary techniques
Hotel massage in Prague
Hotel massage in Prague Are you staying at Prague, feeling lonely with nothing to do? Feeling lonely? Feeling you could use a bit of sensual distraction? How about an erotic hotel massage in Prague? The pleasure our parlour can provide is not limited to its premises – our escort service sees to that… And it’s…

If there’s one thing your happy massage could be missing, it’s the bonus services!

If you’d really like to push things to the limit, then we’re giving you a choice to opt for one of our bonus services! These would be more than enough to experience as they are, but it’s when they’re added to an erotic massage that they truly get to shine! Make sure you don’t miss out on:
An absolute must for the foot fetishists, but everyone is welcomed to give it a try. Feet can do much more than just walk - discover the wonderful delight a beautiful feet of a skilled masseuse can provide. Bare feet, stockings or even shoes designed for this specific purpose – choose how you’d like this procedure to go.
An orgasm-like states can be produced by stimulating this gland. If you set aside your doubts and shyness and let our girl access it, then you will be more than generously rewarded.
As part of our “girlfriend experience” you can now engage in passionate kissing with your masseuse as well!
This sexual toy for men made of elastic silicone is made to simulate penetration and can add more depth to your massage.

Coming on breasts / body

Finish your massage with an ultimate climax.
Grant yourself only the best – our extras will really turn the already exciting rubdown into something out of this world!

Let our girls deliver a massage with surprise ending you will remember

Aside from their undeniable sexiness, our erotic masseuses are truly exceptional at what they do. Carefully selected for a mixture of good looks, skills, but also a good-natured, friendly and supportive personalities, you will find it hard to resist their allure. These girls are truly passionate about what they do, as you will find out very soon after entrusting yourselves into their care.

As you make your booking, you get to freely choose either of them to deliver your desired massage. And don’t forget – whenever you can’t decide between two, then you can save yourselves the hesitation and simply pick both.

That’s right – our four-hand option allows for this. And the joy you will get from getting your favourite massage administered by two professionals instead of one is most certainly not to be missed out on!

Four-hand treatment is what sets a true connoisseur apart from the rest! Join the ranks of the most distinguished pleasure seekers – and be duly rewarded for it!

Get your happy massage at our place…

There’s no better spot for getting your happy ending than our salon. With its meticulous, ornate design, dim lighting and an aromatic concert of fragrances, it is precisely the place to wind down, relax and leave all your stress and worries behind. 

You won’t find a better, more discreet sanctuary for your erotic escapades, you can be sure of that! The place is clean, well-equipped and maintained and located in the very centre of Prague – though you wouldn’t know there is the bustling metropolis just a few metres away once the door closes!

Perhaps you might consider your own home to be the best happy ending spa…

Of course, there are times during which it may be simply more convenient for you to order an escort service. And you’re more than welcome to do that! Simply provide us with the necessary information – name, address, the time you wish to be visited, your chosen services and a chosen masseuse – and you can receive your pleasure directly at your own home! All hassle-fee, all a matter of a simple e-mail or a phone call. City-wide happy end in Prague and its closest vicinity!

You don’t have to leave your home for pleasure to come to you. Book a happy ending massage as an outcall right now!

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