Erotic Thai massage

An erotic Thai massage takes the original procedure one step further. And, we dare say, in the right direction. If you’d like a more sensual detour from this relatively conservative treatment, then our erotic massage parlour is precisely the place to go to!
Exotic, exciting, beneficial, satisfying, energising – those are just some of the adjectives that suit this procedure! Discover its potential with us!

Erotic Thai massage is something you can’t go wrong with

A truly time-tested tradition, Thai rubdown has been around, according to some, for nearly 2500 years. Its current version became formalised during the 19th century. Whatever its origins, one thing is indisputable – few massages can do so much to relieve your blocked muscles and make your body flexible again. 

The range of techniques used during this procedure surpasses that of any other massage. It involves not only carefully applied pressure of fingers, hands, wrists and elbows – even legs, knees and feet are used to help you reach certain, yoga-like positions. 

Our specialists will take you on a proper Thai massage journey, with a detour in the realms of erotic pleasure that the original procedure is missing. Indeed – we do not call ourselves erotic massage parlour for nothing. You won’t leave without a happy ending, that’s for sure!

Acquaint yourselves with the benefits of our Thai massage in Prague

While even a single procedure can make a whole world of difference, rubdowns like this are best repeated to achieve their maximum effect. And what kind of effects are we talking about here? Well, there’s a multitude of them, perhaps too many to count, so let’s single out at least:

Strengthening of the nervous system
Relieving the muscle, joint and back pain
Strengthening of immune system
Providing deep erotic satisfaction
Increasing your libido
Increased blood circulation, supporting the lymphatic system
Allowing for greater relaxation and regeneration
Increasing your overall flexibility and ease of movement
Helping with problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation
Faster toxin disposal from your muscles and
There’s no way you won’t stand to benefit from our treatment one way or the other. Come and reap what it has to offer!

Whether its standard, Thai or body to body massage, our girls excel at all

Boasting angelic faces and bodies, our masseuses have a naughty side to them as well. But it’s their deep expertise for which we employ them. Having mastered a diverse range of techniques, they are eager to showcase their art on your body. You won’t regret choosing either of them to take care of you during this procedure!

Thai massage, tantra, or any other of our rubdowns – you can’t go wrong with either of our extras

Indeed, feet play an important role during the Thai rubdown, but they can be used even more creatively, as you may well find out when ordering this. The beautiful feet of your therapist can be either completely bare or clothed in erotic stockings as they get to work on your most intimate parts…
The so-called “male G-spot” is accessed through one’s anus, which is why many men are a bit unsure about choosing this kind of pleasure. Those who do, however, are amply rewarded by orgasm-like states only a skilled stimulation of this organ can produce.
Sexy and sensual, our girl will happily go above and beyond to please you - french kissing included.
This Japanese sex toy is meant to provide intimate intercourse and might give your massage an unexpected dimension.

Coming on breasts / body

Once you’ve reached your climax, you can release on the girl’s body in a grand finale of your massage.
Body to body Massage
The masseuse uses different techniques of body sliding during this massage. You are going to enjoy a new limit of desire when the soft wet body of beautiful naked masseuse is sliding across yours
Tantric mix massage
Massage which includes techniques from three different massage types, sensual relaxation, body 2 body and gentle lingam (penis) massage.
Nuru Massage
A body-to-body technique with a lubricating nuru gel that will allow you to focus on delightful feelings and relax greatly.
Lingam Massage (penis)
The masseuse focuses on the penis and surrounding intimate areas. Postponing climax to increase massage intensity. Presenting new experience with extraordinary techniques
Hotel massage in Prague
Hotel massage in Prague Are you staying at Prague, feeling lonely with nothing to do? Feeling lonely? Feeling you could use a bit of sensual distraction? How about an erotic hotel massage in Prague? The pleasure our parlour can provide is not limited to its premises – our escort service sees to that… And it’s…
Crank up that pleasure some more with our extras. Who dares, wins!

Thai massage with hand release near you? If you’re in Prague, you’re in luck!

There’s no need to go all the way to our salon if it’s momentarily not convenient to you. Just go for our escort service instead! If your place has a functional shower, offers enough privacy, and is located in Prague, you’re in luck – those are the only criteria it must meet for us to go visit you! 

Simply give us your name, address, specify the time when you’d like us to visit you, and that’s it – your chosen girl will be on her way to be there! 

Thai massage with a handjob, done our way

Whether you, in the end, visit us at our parlour, or let yourself be visited by us, the quality of your treatment, as well as its course, will stay the same.

Thai rubdown counts among the more demanding ones of our services, and you’ll have to, at least partially, cooperate. There are multiple yoga-like positions to stretch yourself into, or be helped to do so by out therapist. 

These positions are constantly changing, and you will be moving frequently, as opposed to some of our other massages, where you can stay still and let the girl do most of the job. Of course, you may find some of the moves too demanding. Just say so, and you can skip the part that’s too painful and difficult for you.

Of course, ours is an erotic procedure, so you will be treated to a happy ending as well, as your rubdown draws to a close. Enjoy it until the very end!

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