Tantra Prostate Massage

Experience a combination of deep tantric intimacy and an exquisite pleasure only a professional prostate stimulation can bring. The tantra prostate massage brings you both.

 Delve right into this procedure and emerge relaxed, refreshed, and full of newfound erotic energy.

Tantric Prostate Massage? Sounds Like An Unusual Combination

Unusual? Perhaps. Impactful, exciting and extremely pleasurable? Most definitely.

  • This erotic massage treatment bridges the span between pleasure, meditation, and physiotherapy. 
  • Its core is made up of ancient Indian tantric art, where meditation and awareness of the deeper self go hand in hand with mastering your erotic energies.
  • The tantric massage of the modern kind, such as this one, then adds some of the more Western physiotherapeutic techniques and approaches. The erotic elements become more emphasised than in traditional Indian tantra.
  • The resulting procedure is a delicate combination of pleasure, relaxation and erotic self-discovery. It is a full body massage with particular attention being paid to erogenous zone stimulation. 
  • Finally, by adding the prostate massage, we aim to maximize the amount of ‌pleasure while also bringing you some of the health benefits a prostate stimulation can bring.
Your masseuse will combine soft and intimate Lingam touches with proper kneads and strokes designed to mend your muscles while building up your arousal and awakening your erotic energies. She’ll be bringing you closer and closer to the final, orgasmic climax, the intensity of which will surpass anything you’ve been used to.

Adding a Prostate Massage to Tantra

Usually, the standard tantric massage does not include touching the prostate. That is not the case here. 

Prostate is often referred to as the “male G-spot”, and its stimulation is truly as pleasurable as an orgasm, perhaps even more so. Regular prostate massage also helps to improve the overall health and condition of this important gland.

It is usually performed after your tantric treatment is over. The sum of your massage, however, is much better for it!

Because of its sensitive nature (the prostate is reached via your anus), we ask that you come to our parlour with empty bowels and perfectly clean. The procedure is also preceded by a shower, which you can take together with your masseuse.

Together, the tantric and prostate massage form a combination that guarantees maximum pleasure, deep relaxation and a discovery of your erotic limits. It should place high on your bucket list – make sure you try it at least once!
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