Erotic Massage Outcall

Enjoy the skilful touches of a beautiful masseuse professional without even stepping out of your door. Our parlour runs nonstop erotic massage outcall services for clients who have reasons not to visit our premises in person. Choose your erotic massage, pick a masseuse, state the time and place and we’ll be there.

Why an Erotic Massage Outcall Might Be Just The Thing For You

Visiting an erotic massage parlour might be a sensitive matter not everyone needs to share with the world. Although there’s nothing illegal or even wrong in treating yourself to some well-deserved pleasure, it’s perfectly understandable if you’d prefer to undergo your massage in the privacy of your home. 

And that’s what our outcall service is here for. All of the massages from our menu can be experienced in the comfort of your home, hotel room or any other suitable place anywhere within Prague. This service is available at all times, provided your chosen masseuse isn’t currently busy.

While booking, you must provide us with your true name, contact details and address (incl. eventual hotel room number). Your place must offer privacy, be clean and have a working shower. The masseuse can refuse her service if these conditions aren’t met.

Choose The Right Massage For Your Outcall In Prague

Now for the important part – which of the massages from our menu do you think would suit you the most?

If you're new to the world of erotic rubdowns, this might be the correct starting choice.

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A full-body therapeutic massage designed to soothe and relieve your muscles from head to toe. In many ways, this massage is the closest thing to a conventional massage you will find on our menu. However, it's still a full-fledged erotic massage, so don't think that your erogenous zones will be left out. A happy ending is an integral part of all of our rubdowns, this one being no exception.

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A legendary body to body massage, during which the masseuse's naked body slides over yours.

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Both of your bodies will be coated in a unique seaweed nuru gel to ease friction and maximise your pleasure. Though direct sexual contact is not part of the nuru procedure (or any of our massages for that matter), it is still a tremendously pleasurable experience, often called "sex without sex". As the massage can get a bit messy due to the use of gel, the masseuse will bring with her protective sheets so that your bed doesn't get stained.


Another massage in a similar vein to nuru. Though the techniques are a bit different, as is the use of warm oil instead

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of nuru gel, the scope and intensity of pleasure you will feel during this procedure make both massages an equal match. Protective sheets to prevent the oil from spilling and staining will be used here as well.

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A wonderful blend of various massage techniques, freely borrowing

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from both Eastern and Western bodywork methods. During this massage, your whole body will be put through a holistic rejuvenating process, with not a single part left unattended. Erogenous zones stimulation plays an important part here, but don't expect instant gratification. The masseuse will tease and delay your happy ending as long as possible. You will feel the pleasurable frustration building up inside you before being released in a spectacular climax.


A very similar approach to the tantra massage.

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The lingam treatment is focused almost exclusively on working with your erogenous zones. If you want a more holistic treatment, then you're better off picking our other massages. If you want maximum erotic pleasure without wasting time massaging the rest of your body, then you skip the chase and go for lingam massage immediately!

Our Outcall massage Can Cater To Couples Too

Your erotic massage adventure does not have to be hidden from your partner. On the contrary, we’ve served many couples who wish to experience these joys together!

Our masseuse – or, preferably, two masseuses – will prepare for you an individually tailored experience that will take into consideration the wishes, but also boundaries, of you both.

The details will be discussed beforehand so that both the masseuse and you know what to expect and which direction your procedure should take. Don’t be shy to explore this option!

Choose Your Extra Service For Your Prague Outcall Massage

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French kissing


Those are the extra services that you can take advantage of. If you feel that your massage could benefit from their addiction, then there’s nothing simpler than to add them to your order!
Invite the fascinating world of erotic massage to your door. Book an outcall massage right now.
Body to body Massage
The masseuse uses different techniques of body sliding during this massage. You are going to enjoy a new limit of desire when the soft wet body of beautiful naked masseuse is sliding across yours
Tantric mix massage
Massage which includes techniques from three different massage types, sensual relaxation, body 2 body and gentle lingam (penis) massage.
Nuru Massage
A body-to-body technique with a lubricating nuru gel that will allow you to focus on delightful feelings and relax greatly.
Lingam Massage (penis)
The masseuse focuses on the penis and surrounding intimate areas. Postponing climax to increase massage intensity. Presenting new experience with extraordinary techniques
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