Lesbi show

Dreaming of beautiful girls having an erotic encounter with each other is a common fantasy among men. At our place, this fantasy might soon turn into something very real.

Let yourselves be captivated by the lesbi show our girls will put on for your pleasure – and maybe even join the fun! 

Choose whichever girls strike your fancy

Available together with multiple bonus services

Possible to order to your own home

A brilliant, exciting prelude to a spicy erotic massage that is bound to excite

Make your erotic dreams come true! Our girls will enact your fantasies in front of your eyes, and that will be just the start of it…

Lesbi show as a prelude to your sensual rubdown

This specific service is meant as a supplement to one of our erotic massages. More precisely, as an introduction to it. Therefore, it is not orderable separately, but as a bonus service to one of  the massages on our offer.

However, it is not any worse for it, one the contrary! It is a perfect enhancement that would simply not work as well as a standalone, but forms a brilliant unity when combined with the full rubdown experience!

Choose the right girls to deliver your Prague sex show

During the booking of your massage, you can choose the ones from among our girls you fancy the most to deliver this hot show to you. This choice can be made in advance – just by checking out the gallery of our girls and informing us prior to your arrival.

 Otherwise, you can select the ones from among our staff that will be present when you arrive – after all, nothing beats meeting our masseuses in person and making your choice based on that! Talk to them, see what impression they make on you, and then take you pick!

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Beautiful, friendly, skilled, funny… these are the adjectives that suit our girls the best! Get to know them better – order a massage from their hands!

This is how will your sex show in Prague go

Once you're done with choosing the girls, then the first step will be to take a shower. No procedure at our parlour happens without a proper hygiene, and both you and your masseuses must first walk under a stream of warm water before anything else. You can even shower together if you wish so!
kontakty erotické masáže candyshop
After that, you will be led to your room, where a special massaging bed will be waiting for you to make yourselves comfortable in. Lay back and get ready, your lesbi show is about to commence!
Photo of two people naughty lesbians girl lie bed have desire foreplay domination game wear panties hips brassiere stockings lie bed in house indoors; Shutterstock ID 1814432984; Purchase Order: -
The girls will start their magic – a sexy spectacle during which they'll make out, cuddle and play with each other for their own – and your – enjoyment.
If you behave, you won't have to be just a passive spectator – you can join in the fun as well, should the girls allow it.
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After you've enjoyed the lesbi show enough, the girls will focus on you and you only – it's time for the massage proper to begin!

What will happen after the lesbian show is up to you…

As mentioned, there are many options for what will follow after the lesbi fun is over and your massage begins. Your path from then on might turn towards:

A sensual erotic massage

Couple massage

Lingam massage


Body to body

Take a closer look at our massage offer to see what each of these rubdowns has to offer in more detail!

Remember, it's not just the private lesbian show – there are more extra services to enjoy!

Prostate stimulation
Tenga egg
French kissing
Coming on breasts/body

Take a closer look at our massage offer to see what each of these rubdowns has to offer in more detail!

All of these – either separately, or even combined together, can add another layer to your experience! Try them as well!

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